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The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design (Logos)LOGOS:

Hand drawn or digital, mixed media, high concept, or deceptively simple in design – your logo should be straightforward, recognizable, and instantly identified with who you are and what you do. A logo is the center from which all communication with your clients and the public at large expands. In it lives your story so, when drafting a concept we take time to listen to your story. We get to know the things that inspire and have inspired you. We look at anything you have created and want to see in the final design. We consider the current trends in color and color psychology. And take look at your competitors to see what the current standard is. After which we design a logo that captures the essence of who you are while outshining and shaming them. – Contact us for a quote.


Business Cards

The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design ( Business Cards) BUSINESS CARDS:

We believe that you should never hand your business card out to a stranger. That is what fliers and leaflets are for. When a card is exchanged it should go into the hand of someone who has asked for it. Which means that the impression you have left on them and the skill with which you conveyed who you are, what you do, and what you need has created genuine interest. We approach the design of your card with this function and moment of exchange in mind. From parting ways to the moment of reconnect, your business card will serve as a charming reminder of the exchange and high quality representative of good things to come. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design (Fliers)FLIERS:

We are aware of the fact that 9 times out of 10 in the mad rush that goes along with organizing something big the flier is often one of the last details to pop up with great urgency just as you reach the end of your ‘to-do’ list. However, we will not sacrifice the quality of your flier in the interest of time. Whether you are in need of something deliciously subversive or something more straight forward, clean, and concise we will get the job done efficiently and creatively. And do so with the attention to detail required to ensure that it is printed once, on time, and right. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design (Posters)POSTERS:

Whether you need a large scale or small run of posters for your upcoming event, show, play, screening, organization or community event the creative team of graphic designers and fine artists at The Umbrella Agency offers a wide range of skills and experience to achieve the standards, look, and method of delivery for one’s culture and industry of choice. In addition to offering poster design as an individual service we do create special pricing and packages for clients who need to put together a comprehensive strategy and work order utilizing any number of the creative resources, services, and support that we offer. – Contact us for a quote.


Book Covers

The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design (Book Covers)BOOK COVERS:

We are well aware of the dedication it takes and the lifestyle that goes hand in hand with the authoring of a book. More importantly, we know that while finishing your book is an achievement it is not the end. It needs to be read. Catching the attention of today’s reader can be difficult. Especially with all of the online portals, communities, and hubs making it easy for authors to get their work listed, tagged, reviewed, and available for purchase. Our approach is to work closely with the author to convey the heart, pop, and roar of their novel, collection of poems, essays, wisdom, and advice for those looking to improve their life experience. And to do so in a way that takes into consideration the shopping habits of today’s avid reader searching for the next great recommendation and discovery. – Contact us for a quote.


DVD Jackets

The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design (DVD Jackets) DVD JACKETS:

We approach what we do here at The Umbrella Agency as storytellers not technicians. As your designers we take great care to make sure that the cover art we create conveys the film as you intended it. We know that the resources available for distribution and promotion are many so we design with this in mind. The artwork will be formatted and optimized for viewing as a thumbnail via online portals and communities featuring it. If you need help creating an all-inclusive marketing concept, tone, and aesthetic for your project – we will. Or if all you need is someone to execute your vision and design we are excellent communicators who have worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty years who are more than happy to fulfill and facilitate it. – Contact us for a quote.


Album Covers

The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Desing (Album Covers) ALBUM COVERS:

There are worse things than making music people want to steal. And yet the time, creativity and dedication invested in composing an album of purpose is not to be squandered nor a meaningless investment when the time comes to press. For those with vision and intent our aim is to aid artists in the creation of a resonant design to foster the trade of capital in reward for native adoration, interest, and a purveying sense of “woah”. True fans are collectors and the greatest advocates of your work. So we aim to reward them with collectible art. Which, as far as we are concerned has been the most powerful and consistent form of inspiration for us as designers because there is no other “package” that can capture and era and culture on a personal level and stand the test of time like an album cover. – Contact us for a quote.


Brochures, Catalogues, and Pamphlets

The Umbrella Agency - Graphic Design (Brochures, Catalogues, Pamphlets)BROCHURES, CATALOGUES, AND PAMPHLETS:

People are always on the lookout for ways to make their lives run smoother, improve their daily experience or find a solution to a problem. So when we design a brochure, catalogue, presentation, or pamphlet for a client we do so with this savvy and interested audience in mind. For every context, usage, or mode of delivery our designs are intended for the treasure hunters. And are lateral thinkers committed to working closely with you to create a surgical, vibrant, and informative order form that screams, “Yes, you’ve found it. ‘X’ marks the spot.” – Contact us for a quote.