The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources, Los Angeles

Domain Hosting

The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources (Web/Domain Hosting)DOMAIN HOSTING:

We offer one year of complimentary domain hosting for our full service web development clients. After which, we offer the option of $4.95 a month or a single payment of $50 for the following year. Aside from being a great deal on something every website needs in order to go live, having us host your site ensures that your investment is being watched over by someone who has personal and professional interest in the smooth and easy operation of your site, daily. If something goes down we will sort it out. If you are not a full service client and would like The Umbrella Agency server host your website as an individual service we have more than enough space to make room for you. Just shoot us an email so that we can discuss the best package for your own specific set of wants and needs. – Contact us for a quote.


Web Mastering

The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources (Web Masters) WEB MASTERING:

We like to build sites that clients can manage on their own without having to hire someone to update and maintain a current and effective site for them. However, sometimes the size of scope and size of one’s business and online campaign has gotten too large, time too scarce, or interest in managing these functional details too small to not employ the services of a webmaster. For some, it is a wise investment of time, energy, and resources. If you find yourself in this place and looking for help in this arena we offer our Web Mastering service to new and former clients for single tasks, short term, and long term engagements. Just shoot us an email and explain what you need help with specifically and we will come up with the most cost-effective solution. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources (Research)RESEARCH:

Do you have a master plan? Let us help you gather the information you need to see it through. We have some super smart people who know how to find the information you need, filter through the relevant data, and organize it in a clear and concise manner so that you can have all the hard data and information you need to take the next step. Whether you are securing a patent, composing a brilliant business plan, or piecing together of a larger concept that the world has never seen before – we can help you get there quicker. Whether it is a long term project or a quick, surgical strike needing some attention – we know a thing or two about non disclosure and would love to help you see your vision come to life. – Contact us for a quote.


Project Management

The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources (Project Mangement) PROJECT MANAGEMENT:

When your personal or professional project has become too large to manage without help or has fallen outside your area of experience and expertise it is not uncommon to hire a project manager to oversee and manage the day to day operations and completion of certain essential tasks. Like the man said, “Sometimes, we get by with a little help from our friends” and are big believers in the the notion that some of the greatest accomplishments we have seen have depended on the talent, experience, and smarts that a person of vision has gathered around them to help achieve them. If you find yourself in this place and it falls under the influence of our umbrella we look forward to partnering up to make sure your commitment is fulfilled and your project is delivered as promised and on time. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources (Consultation)CONSULTATION:

Thinking about thinking? Getting ready to get started? We know. It can be overwhelming to sift through all the apples and oranges to find the best way to work, direction to go, technology to adopt, and place to begin. We are resourceful, lateral thinkers. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of current trends in technology, social media, and online culture. And understand that for every consultation we give there are a number of factors and a context to the analysis specific to needs of each individual client. And will draft a solution within those parameters to provide a practical blueprint from which to draw inspiration, focus, and work. – Contact us for a quote.


Small Press

The Umbrella Agency - Supportive Resources (Small Press) SMALL PRESS:

We run a small press with the capability to produce short runs of thermally bound paperback books, brochures, pamphlets, portfolios, independent magazines, and graphic novels. Our capabilities are limited but perfect for anyone who wants to print their work or have a hard copy of their portfolio or presentation to grab the attention of investors, meet the demands of a faithful audience and readership or start the process of breaking into a focused market without having to place a large order with an independent publisher or go with a Publish On Demand service. – Contact us for a quote.