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The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Writers) WRITERS:

Writing is not easy. The stress of having to pen something awkward or execute with the degree of elegance required to be effective can bring everything to a screeching halt. While one area of writing might come easy another might seem foreign and be incredibly difficult to produce. Like in the case of generating web content optimized for search engines in a way that is organic, natural, and bright. If you are in need of a bio. Copy for the release of your DVD or press kit. An article about your place of business or review for your band. Cover letters for potential employers and business contacts. A series of blog posts or descriptions of your products for the launch of your online store. Relax. Put down the weapon. Step away from the edge. We are here to help. – Contact us for a quote.


Video Production

The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Video Production)VIDEO PRODUCTION:

Posting video to your website, blog, or other open source platforms like Youtube or Vimeo affords some serious online marketing and social media opportunities to get the word out about who you are, your service, musicianship, culinary genius, or business at large. From abstract artisanship to reality based media intended for the general market we have on hand and will match you with the perfect director and production team to produce a broadcast quality music video, virtual tour, series of podcasts or training videos to make the most out of your website and the web. – View recent videos | Contact us for a quote.


Photo Editing and Retouching

The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Photo Editing and Retouching)PHOTO EDITING AND RETOUCHING:

No matter how great the photographer or successful a photo shoot, there is bound to be a detail or two that you wish you could turn back the hands of time to fix because it ruins what would be an otherwise magnificent shot. Which can get irritating if the shoot did not go as great as you had hoped and find that you are missing essential angles of your work, product, property, personage, or service to truly convey the quality of what you do and who you are. Our Photo Editing and Retouching service will correct and save images that need some love and salvage shoots that did not go as planned if gathering all of the elements, talent, and resources to do a second is not possible. Or an expenditure you’d like to avoid. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Editors)EDITORS:

The Umbrella Agency has some extremely talented editors on our team who have been working professionally in the art and entertainment industry for well over ten years. If you need help editing your acting reel, music video, short documentary, virtual tour, industrial video, promo, commercial, or any other project that needs some massaging into something downright sexy, you are in the right place. Our editors have been splicing together pretty much any kind of media Hollywood has to offer and it’s safe to say that no matter what kind of challenge you have for them – They will knock it out of the park. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Photographers)PHOTOGRAPHERS:

Our photographers will bring the pretty to your project. We can not stress enough how important it is to make sure the images you have up on your website be of the utmost quality and composition. For the amount of work that has gone into building your body of work or service and the care and attention we put into every website – it does not make sense to hold back when it comes to showing the public what you’ve got. We offer competitive prices as a stand-alone service as well as special packages for clients who are using us in conjunction with any other services that we offer. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Composers)COMPOSERS:

Are you looking for some theme music for your video, short, or feature film? Do you need an original jingle that is so memorable that it is instantly identified with your project or event? Are you in the midst of editing and on the lookout for the perfect score? Tell us what you need. Describe your project. Be as descriptive as possible. The Umbrella Agency has the bead on some incredible composers and all around musical maestros who have done the deal in large scale productions with a wealth of material and accomplished creative experience to satisfy your needs. – Contact us for a quote.



The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Venues)VENUES:

Do you need a place to do your thing? Screen your movie? Exhibit your photography? Shoot some pictures? Conduct a fundraiser? The Umbrella Agency has a few choice options for you to choose from. The contraption that you see displayed to the left is a portable screening venue. It has an amazing sound system that can transmit the soundtrack to your movie with the kind of clarity that your film deserves as well as bring the boom to the room for music video premiers, mixed media extravaganzas, or ambient imagery and mood. Let us know what you are on the hunt for and we’ll see if we don’t have a solution that fits. – Contact us for a quote.


Production Designers

The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Production Designers)PRODUCTION DESIGNERS:

We provide short-term production design for events, photo shoots, art installations, festivals, private parties, and video production/shoots. Our production designers have worked in the entertainment industry for many years on a professional, large scale level. They are well versed on pulling off some incredible feats within a limited time frame and realistic budget when the challenge is of interest to them and the timing is right. Let us know what you have got brewing and we will do our best to match you with the perfect designer for your project. – Contact us for a quote.


Fine Artists

The Umbrella Agency - Creative Resources (Fine Artists)FINE ARTISTS:

Sometimes, creating a cohesive look and feel for your project is best served by commissioning the singular talent and eye of a fine artist to achieve the special aesthetic you are looking for. Be it a website, poster, flier, story board for a presentation, cover for your next album or book or realization of a brand identity concept – we have a group of talented artists available to lend their singular eye and talent to help you get the imagery and art you have been envisioning. – Contact us for a quote.