The Umbrella Agency - General Information, Los Angeles

Our Company


Our background stems from previous professional and prolific careers in writing, the entertainment industry, fine art, fashion, and architecture that has grown into a love affair with merging those talents with a natural love for harnessing the most powerful and relevant trends in search engine optimization, social media, and semantic based technology to put our clients story to pictures and words so that they can be found by their people, seen for who they are and what they do, and be rewarded in a way that is measurable. The technology is merely the medium of expression and support.

The Umbrella Agency is comprised of two partners. Bryan Price, the company’s founder. And, Ema Olson. Who helped him refine and simplify the core nature of his business model into what it is today.

The company is the result of their love for the written word, rugged individualism, lateral thinking, laughter, and the empowering of people gifted with vision and belief striving to claim the high quality of life they deserve through the positive fusion of heart, commerce, indomitable spirit, and technology.


Our Service


We approach each new assignment with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. And are big believers in incorporating and integrating social media, popular technology, cross channel branding, and search engine optimization methods into the site we develop and the custom strategy we come up to achieve the client’s desired result.

Every client that we design, develop, and deliver a quality website for will be educated as to how to use it. We will monitor your use and make suggestions to maximize your efforts and investment of time. And pride ourselves on our ability to provide lasting and loyal support in the interest of your continued success and development.

In addition to the core service and customer support that we offer to all of our clients, The Umbrella Agency has a network creative talent, special services, and supportive resources to help you with any and all of your web, print, media, marketing, task management, domain hosting, and content needs.


The Process


It starts with a meeting. We prefer to meet in person so that we can get a feel for the way that you express yourself. However, any method of communication that you are comfortable with will be more than enough for us to do what we do. Skype is always fun for us.

After we meet, we will go over our notes and formulate a custom strategy for you. We will outline our approach based on what we have come up with in the form of an email and send it to you with our quote for service.

If adjustments need to be made we will offer creative alternatives and solutions to accommodate you but will not overcommit ourselves to a task that would be better suited for another company. Upon approval we will require a $500 deposit to begin. This will cover installation and serves as a retainer for our services. After which we will provide weekly production reports so that you can track our progress and where we are at, budget wise. And bill that amount weekly to avoid any sticker shock or surprises.

Once the development and design process begins we will register you with our project management software to ensure crystal clear task management, communication, and the exchange of ideas and information. Then, we will map out a time frame and create a schedule for each stage of development specific to our project’s own unique set of challenges and level of production.

During this period we will work closely to gather the visual, linguistic, and functional elements we need to produce your site. And will provide the support you need to either find assets on the internet or generate original content, graphic design, media, and assets.

Once the site is in stable working condition you will be able to preview it live and you will have the opportunity to give notes, instruct us of any new ideas that you would like to see added before launch, point out any corrections that need to be made, and we will discuss and perform those site specific adjustments.

After the site is live, we will schedule a time to educate you and your team in a person to person tutorial session. This first session is complimentary so we encourage all of our clients to take notes and make the most of it. If you need ongoing education, support, or refresher course we are happy to oblige for an hourly rate. As well as create custom online and hard copy documentation to ensure you have access to the information you need for quick and easy reference in the future.

From there we will monitor your usage and be available to support you in any way that you need when the situation arises or be there to help you when a new, unforeseen challenge develops.


We are always available to provide individual services, support, and resources to anyone who needs it, regardless of whether or not we have been hired to design your site.